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Budopeukaloiset ones Budopeukut is a unique way to introduce girls and boys aged 3-6 to the world of budo. In the group, you practice with your own parent, grandparent or even godfather. Training takes place on the children's terms and the teaching is playful even though we learn really important things such as body control, falling, crossing the center line or flat foot jumping. It is easy to join the group even in the middle of the season because the same skills are practiced with new variations throughout the season. If necessary, be absent if, for example, you have missed a nap. Laughter and the joy is enough to fill the entire tatami. For equipment, shorts or sweatpants that reach above the knee and a t-shirt, the tatami is practiced with bare feet, so the nails must be short. The concept has been proven very functioning and great progress in the field of coordination and concentration can be observed in the Peuku group. Budopeukaloise also serves as a stepping stone to other budo species, i.e. when you get older, you move there works naturally.



Training for all

  • Sun 16:00 - 17:00